Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis in Port Washington, NY

The ability to perform 3 camera angle treadmill gait analysis at NY Sports Podiatry is an essential diagnostic tool in the evaluation and mangement of your lower extremity problem. You will be required to wear shorts above your knees so that your lower extremity anatomy can be visualized. Angles will be drawn on your lower legs and heels to see how your hips, upper legs, lower legs and feet interact with each other. Your shoulders and head position will also be examined. Slow motion replay of your gait will then be evaluated to determine if you will benefit from custom orthotic therapy and or physical therapy.

In addition to our computerized gait analysis (which provides additional data such as time spent in the 3 phases of gait, heel contact, midstance and toe off), the 3 camera angle treadmill gait analysis provides the data required to make an accurate custom fit, comfortable orthotic that should relieve your lower extremity pain due to biomechanical inequalities.

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