Are You Struggling with Ingrown Toenails?
By Arthur Kaplan, D.P.M
May 02, 2019
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How your foot doctor in Port Washington, NY, can help with ingrown toenails!

Ingrown toenails can cause acute pain bad enough to make even wearing shoes and walking around difficult. Luckily, your podiatrist can ingrown toenailhelp your toes heal and feel better! Dr. Arthur Kaplan at NY Sports Podiatry in Port Washington, NY, offers a full range of foot care services, including ingrown toenail treatment.


More about Ingrown Toenail Treatment

If your toe looks swollen, red, and dark, while also radiating pressure from underneath your toenail, there is a good chance you have an ingrown toenail. If you are lucky, your ingrown toenail may resolve on its own. However, if the pain continues, you can try these home remedies to help:

  • Soak your toe in warm water several times during the day
  • Place dental floss under your toenail to push it above your skin
  • Apply antibiotic cream around and underneath your toenail
  • Cushion your toe with bandages or cotton gauze
  • Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory or pain medications
  • Change to sandals or open shoes until your toe heals

For stubborn ingrown toenails, however, you need to seek out your local foot doctor. At NY Sports Podiatry, Dr. Kaplan offers several options to heal your toe and help you grow a healthy toenail. He may recommend:

  • Lifting and separating your toenail from the adjoining skin, for detaching your toenail from the skin around it helps your toenail grow freely.
  • Trimming off the ingrown area of your toenail or removing the toenail completely, for removing the ingrown area of the toenail allows a healthy toenail to grow in its place.

You can also do a lot to prevent an ingrown toenail from occurring. Remember to:

  • Avoid cutting toenails too short
  • Always cut toenails straight across with no rounded corners
  • Wear protective shoes especially if you play sports
  • Wear shoes with plenty of room for your toes, so your toes aren’t crushed together


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