Discover The Benefits Of Custom Orthotics
By Arthur Kaplan, D.P.M.
August 10, 2018
Category: Foot Care
Tags: orthotics  

Custom OrthoticsPeople with foot-related issues such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, fallen arches, or an imbalance of their left and right feet may feel frustrated with the lack of results from shoe inserts purchased over-the-counter. If you've had this experience, it's time to contact Dr. Arthur Kaplan, your podiatrist in Port Washington, NY, to ask about custom orthotics. Custom orthotics are just that, shoe inserts made just for you from precise measurements taken by Dr. Kaplan. They're one-of-a-kind to fit the shape of your foot and correct, cushion, and balance out its abnormalities. Learn about some of their benefits here.


With uncomfortable foot conditions or a noticeable limp, you may feel reluctant to get up and move around much. You may also tire easily because of the effort it takes to walk. Being sedentary can lead to a host of other problems; muscle atrophy, obesity, and blood clots. Custom orthotics can help restore your confidence and your energy by changing your gait and the way your feet make contact with the ground. When it's comfortable to move, you'll feel much more motivated about getting up and walking around.

Spinal alignment

If you're dealing with a foot problem like the ones we mentioned above, you may also have lower back pain as a direct result. This typically happens due to your posture being thrown off in an attempt to compensate for lack of mobility or strength. When you're wearing custom orthotics from your Port Washington podiatrist, however, you'll likely find that the pain in your lower back is greatly diminished or disappears entirely.

Are you interested in walking more comfortably and feeling more confident! Contact NY Sports Podiatry in Port Washington, NY, to schedule an appointment with Dr. Arthur Kaplan and find out if custom orthotics are right for you!


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