How Orthotics Can Change Your Life
By Arthur Kaplan, D.P.M.
February 22, 2016
Category: Foot Care
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Everyone from serious athletes to occasional dabblers and weekend warriors know that it's all fun and games until persistent pain or an orthoticsinjury rears its ugly head. Whether the problem develops as a result of over training for a game or race, hitting the spinning class a little too hard or wearing the wrong sneakers, anyone can be sidelined by foot pain at any time. What many people may not know is that often, foot injury and pain prevention can be as simple as getting a custom made insert for their shoes from their Port Washington, NY podiatrist.

The Wonderful World of Orthotics

An orthotic is a custom designed insole that goes inside the shoe to offer additional support and to help maintain proper alignment. Depending on the shape of the foot and each person's individual need, Port Washington based sports podiatrist, Dr. Arthur Kaplan, fits athletes and everyone in between for three basic types of orthoses:

  • Soft - provide shock absorption and control, typical for diabetic and arthritic feet
  • Semi-rigid - used to offset pain and foot strain associated with sports, also prescribed for children to treat flat feet, as well as in-toeing and out-toeing problems
  • Rigid - help with balance and function, control motion in the joints to help manage aches and strains in the legs and lower back

Treating Foot Pain in Port Washington

A surprising number of people suffer from common alignment and pronation issues. Many often suffer without knowing it until an unexplained injury or pain in the feet, ankles, legs, and even lower back springs up. Custom orthotics can treat some of the most common podiatry problems, including:

  • high arch
  • flat foot
  • deformed limbs or feet
  • plantar fasciitis (heel pain)
  • heel spurs
  • runner's knee

Contact a Sports Podiatrist in Port Washington

To learn more about how orthotics can help to relieve and prevent foot pain, and whether a custom pair of insoles is right for you, contact Dr. Kaplan at NY Sports Podiatry in Port Washington, NY by calling (516) 883-8313. Schedule a consultation and foot exam today.


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