How to Take Better Care of Your Feet
By Arthur Kaplan, D.P.M.
August 17, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: orthotics  

There are many types of custom foot orthotics in Port Washington, NY to choose. They help to resolve a variety of foot problems. The foot carematerial, construction, and design combined with a patient’s foot condition and their activity level will help determine the best type of each patient. Our podiatrist, Dr. Arthur Kaplan, can examine each patient and suggest the type that will work best.

More about Custom Orthotics in Port Washington

Semi-rigid custom foot orthotics are the maximum support option available. They work great for dress shoes and work boots. They’re long-lasting and durable because they are made of a high-density polypropylene. They are used for many different types of feet issues; however, a proper examination is needed for treatment.

Custom orthotics or rigid orthotics are used in advanced cases. These are custom made by our podiatrist, Dr. Kaplan. He will examine your feet and design inserts that will force the feet back into their proper position. This is the most effective way to treat feet problems.

Heat molding orthotics are another option that is used in less severe cases. They are similar to custom orthotics that are purchased in a store. Made of EVA, a special type of plastic, they feel like a soft rubber. They are heated, which molds to the shape of the foot.

Learning about different types of custom foot orthotics is important for any individuals with foot issues. Dr. Kaplan is experienced in treating a variety of foot problems and knows which orthotics work best for each injury. A full examination is required before any recommendations or custom orthotics can be made. To schedule this informative appointment with Dr. Kaplan at our podiatry office in Port Washington, NY today, call 516-883-8313. We can’t wait to help treat your foot problems soon!


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