Signs You May Have Plantar Fasciitis
By Arthur Kaplan, D.P.M.
April 14, 2016
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Plantar fasciitis  

What you need to know about plantar fasciitis

If you have a stabbing pain in your heel, you may have plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is caused from inflammation of the thick strip of plantar fascitistissue running across your heel, called the plantar fascia. It is very common in runners, but anyone can get plantar fasciitis. Dr. Arthur Kaplan, of NY Sports Podiatry in Port Washington, NY, wants you to know how to prevent plantar fasciitis and what to do if you suffer from this painful condition.

You may have plantar fasciitis if you experience a stabbing pain near your heel. The pain is usually worse right when you wake up and gets better as your foot moves during the day.

You are at higher risk for plantar fasciitis if you are a runner or you are overweight. You can also acquire plantar fasciitis if you wear shoes that don’t support your feet enough. Plantar fasciitis can also happen from prolonged standing.

These home remedies can help with plantar fasciitis. You can try:

  • Taking over-the-counter pain medications
  • Stretching your arches at least once per day
  • Icing your foot three to four times per day
  • Stopping high impact sports like walking, jogging or running
  • Wearing supportive shoes, not high heels and not walking around barefoot
  • Maintaining a healthier weight

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, and can’t get relief from any of the remedies listed above, it’s time to visit your Port Washington podiatrist. He offers several effective treatments for plantar fasciitis such as:

  • Custom-made orthotics, to provide support and even out the pressure to your feet
  • Night splints, to stretch your arches while you sleep
  • Physical therapy exercises, to stretch your plantar fascia and Achilles tendon
  • Taping your foot, to provide support
  • Steroid injections, to decrease inflammation and pain
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy, to stimulate healing
  • Prescription strength anti-inflammatory medications

Plantar fasciitis can sideline you and keep you from enjoying your life, but help is just a phone call away. Call Dr. Arthur Kaplan, of NY Sports Podiatry in Port Washington, NY. He can help you get relief from annoying and painful plantar fasciitis. Call today and get back on your feet!


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