Treating Ingrown Toenails
By Arthur Kaplan, D.P.M.
June 24, 2016
Category: Foot Care
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An ingrown toenail starts off with a bit of discomfort when you put on your shoes, then can advance to sharp pains when you’re ingrown toenailperforming normal activities, like walking and exercise. Over time it can become a major problem that threatens your overall foot health. Learn how your Port Washington NY foot doctor can treat ingrown toenails so that you can get back to your normal routine.

About Ingrown Toenails
It’s hard to believe how problematic a simple nail can be, but an ingrown toenail can create a number of major concerns if it’s not treated. The nail continues to grow even though it’s poking into the skin tissue, which causes the skin to puncture. As with any wound, the pierced skin tissue can become infected if it’s not addressed promptly. 

What Causes Ingrown Toenails? 
Toenails often become ingrown because of ill-fitting shoewear. Women who often wear tight fitting high heels that press the toes together are prone to this problem. People who are overweight also can have recurring trouble with ingrown toenails. Some people inherit this problem or have poorly shaped feet. Also, patients who have a hard time with healing in the lower extremities, like some diabetic patients, must take special care to prevent and treat ingrown toenails.

How Are Ingrown Toenails Treated?
Your Port Washington NY foot doctor treats ingrown toenails by carefully removing the ingrown portion and curing any infection with medication. In advanced cases that recur often, a surgical procedure may be required to remove the whole nail. However the ideal course of action is prevention—it’s important to keep your nails clipped to a healthy length at all times. Clip them straight across, slowly and carefully, so that they are about even with the edge of the toe (not too short).

Don't Delay -- Call for Help Today
If you have ingrown toenails at any stage, it’s important to visit your Port Washington NY foot doctor for immediate treatment. Call NY Sports Podiatry at (516) 883-8313 today for an appointment.


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