Types Of Orthotics Available
By Arthur Kaplan, D.P.M.
May 04, 2017
Category: Podiatry
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What your podiatrist in Port Washington wants you to know

There are many remedies available for foot pain, and some work better than others. You owe it to yourself and to your feet to try custom-fit orthotics. Dr. Arthur Kaplan at NY Sports Podiatry in Port Washington, NY, wants to help your feet feel better and tell you about the types of orthotics available.

You may have foot problems due to aging, excessive weight, medical conditions like diabetes, or a foot injury. You may also experience foot pain due to the activities of everyday life. Playing sports can also take a toll on your feet.

Custom-fit orthotics will cushion and protect your feet while helping them heal. The right orthotic can help you get back on your feet and back to your life. When you choose custom-fit orthotics, they are created using computer technology, according to exact measurements and castings of your feet.

Dr. Kaplan will help you choose between the three types of orthotics, ensuring you the best result. Depending on your individual characteristics and foot issues, he may suggest:

  • Soft orthotics, which absorb the impact of walking and take pressure off of your painful feet; soft orthotics also help with your balance. They cover the sole of your foot with cushioned material and can help relieve pain from diabetes, arthritis or structural abnormalities in your feet.
  • Semi-rigid orthotics, which help with balance if you play sports, walk or run; children with flat feet can also benefit from this type of orthotic. Semi-rigid orthotics have layers of rigid and cushioned materials.
  • Rigid orthotics, which limit joint motion, relieve tendon strain and help eliminate pain in the muscles of your lower back, legs and thighs; this type of orthotic is created out of hard plastic.

Custom-fit orthotics can help you walk better, move better and feel better. They can protect your feet from the stress of life. For more information about orthotics and other foot services, call Dr. Kaplan at NY Sports Podiatry in Port Washington, NY. Call today and get some relief for your feet!


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