Shockwave Therapy (Radial Pulse Therapy)

Shockwave Therapy in Port Washington, NY

What is Shockwave (Radial Pulse) Therapy?

RPT uses a low to medium electromagnetic impulses targeted to very specific areas of the foot and ankle.  The hand piece is held against the skin where the electromagnets are projected toward an applicator tip, producing a unique radial wave that penetrates into the targeted tissue.  The waves penetrate 35-40mm, much deeper than other modalities (ultrasound, heat, electric stim).

How Does It Work?

Pain from tendonitis; moderate to severe sprain of a tendon or ligament; plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis is often related to scar tissue and/or adhesions that have formed.  Scar tissue and adhesions often adhere to and put pressure on the surrounding nerves which can result in pain.  By breaking up the scarring and adhesions, this helps take the pressure off the nerve and increase circulation to the area which helps the body heal itself more efficiently.  This will lead to a greater range of motion.

What Does RPT (Shockwave Therapy) Feel Like?

The initial 1-2 minutes of treatment stimulates chemicals to release natural pain killers.  During this time you will feel a light to moderate sensation of discomfort which feels like an oscillating thumping pressure.  Treatment areas closer to bone can produce discomfort but this is often controlled by reducing the pressure from the handpiece as one glides over the boney site.  I will deliver 3000 shockwaves per site which lasts 5-7 minutes.

Immediately after treatment, the patient experiences less pain.  However the effects are most prominent after the 2nd or 3rd treatment. Additionally, the skin will turn red and feel warm from increasing localized circulation immediately after treatment.  Responses to soft tissue palpation and range of motion restrictions usually improve.  Comments from patients who have tried other treatment modalities such as acupuncture, physical therapy, injections, medications, etc. have been positive. In the literature, therapeutic outcomes for soft tissue  conditions using RPT range on average from good to excellent in 70% of the cases.

In my experience, I find that number to be higher, around 85%.  After a grade 3 ankle sprain with significant soft tissue damage and 9 months of painful slow healing, I decided to purchase a RP shockwave machine and use it on myself.  This was the worst ankle sprain I've seen in my nearly 30 years in practice.  The MRI showed significant soft tissue damage and I really believed my playing days were over.  Well, after 7 RPT treatments and 2 months later I am able to withstand the rigors of playing basketball at 85%.  I'll take it!

How Many Treatments Are Required?

The normal number of treatments for most foot and ankle conditions are 4, but certain more severe injuries may require up to 9 (see my story above).  4-10 days between treatments is recommended for the body to recover naturally.  If the maximum number of 9 treatments is required, it is advisable to wait 4-6 weeks before the next treatment is given to the same area.

Can I continue playing sports and participate in daily physical excercise after RPT?

Physical exercise promotes metabolism and the restructuring process in the tissue.  It is normal and encouraged to continue your physical activities within the guidelines set by your sports podiatrist.  I strongly advocate RPT while you start or maintain a good physical therapy regimen for your injury.

Advantages of RPT

  • Clinical studies and personal experience demonstrate high success rate treating common pain syndromes of the foot and ankle including: achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and severe sprains and tears of the foot ligaments and tendons,
  • No need for local anesthesia/injections prior to treatment
  • Fast and convenient.  Treatments are less than 10 minutes and performed in our office
  • Dr. Kaplan has personal experience receiving 7 treatments on the machine in his office. "I can say with full confidence that without RPT and hard work at physical therapy I would not have returned to full physical activity." - Arthur Kaplan, D.P.M.



For more information on Shockwave Therapy in the Port Washington, NY area call Arthur Kaplan, D.P.M. at (516) 883-8313 today!

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